Empower your workforce.

ChromeOS delivers a secure, connected and productive experience to your modern workforce, whether they’re a frontline or knowledge worker, remote or in the office.


Proactive security

Using built-in, intelligent security, granular policy controls and automatic updates, ChromeOS provides continuous protection.


End-to-end savings

ChromeOS minimizes device costs by 44%, providing budget relief, time efficiencies and productivity gains worth an average of $1,700 per device over three years.1


Seamless management

It’s easy for your workforce to get productive with ChromeOS — deploying 63% faster2 with no imaging required by downloading user apps, settings and bookmarks automatically.

AI integration at every layer

Give your workforce AI capabilities that enhance productivity, creativity and collaboration — reducing IT’s management burden in the process — with ChromeOS devices. Discover how AI is improving:


The Chrome Enterprise browser uses AI-powered threat and malware detection to safeguard users and data without additional software.


Smooth video playback and smart text predictions and translations combined with IT management tools — all powered by AI — deliver a seamless experience.


Advanced AI capabilities are integrated into your cloud-based apps, from Gemini for Google Workspace and Google Cloud to third-party tools.

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Why Insight for ChromeOS?

Your work-from-anywhere teammates need devices that can go anywhere and do anything throughout the day. Discover how Insight and ChromeOS make supporting a hybrid workforce easy with advanced security, manageability and more.

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Protecting users every single day

ChromeOS protects your device and information by using a read-only operating system and encrypted devices. Every part of the ChromeOS security system works together to keep you safe, and your device will automatically update to stay secure in the future.

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Equip your teams with best-fit devices.

Matching the right device to the right role in your organization is critical to getting the most from your technology investment. Explore the options available for your workforce.


The elegant and highly portable HP Elite Dragonfly allows for freedom to work your way.

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Home & office

The 2-in-1 high-performance Acer Chromebook Spin 714 empowers users to stay productive anywhere.

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Support mission-critical applications and high-resolution peripherals on the Acer Chromebook Spin 714.

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Frontline & back
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The Acer Chromebook 514 features built-to-last rugged durability and an advanced processor.

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ChromeOS device management

ChromeOS device management through Chrome Enterprise Upgrade unlocks the built-in business capabilities of ChromeOS devices, so your IT team can easily secure, orchestrate and power your cloud workforce — delivering 24/7 IT admin support in the process. Explore a free 30-day Chrome Enterprise Upgrade trial with Insight, which allows you to enroll up to 50 devices.

Feature Business capabilities ChromeOS device with Chrome Enterprise Upgrade ChromeOS device without Chrome Enterprise Upgrade
Advanced security Remotely wipe or disable devices, force re-enrollment, and enable sign-in restrictions to ensure data stays in the right hands X
Manage updates at your own pace Choose to roll out feature updates gradually or automatically with the added option for long-term support channel. X
Granular controls Enable single sign-on, identify-free login, and configure printer and Wi-Fi settings. X
Scalable, cloud-based management Manage devices remotely in the Google Admin console, use third-party UEM solutions, or the Chrome Policy API to manage at scale. X
Reporting and insights Pull insightful reports including 7-day active metrics, OS versions, and crash reports. X
24/7 support from Google Free 24/7 IT admin supprt X

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Extend device life with ChromeOS Flex.

ChromeOS Flex offers a sustainable way to try ChromeOS or expand your deployment. Rather than disposing of existing hardware, refresh them with a modern, secure and fast operating system.

ChromeOS Flex can offer3

  • Cost-savings of up to 96%
  • Emissions reductions of 83%
  • E-waste reduction of 100%

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Solutions optimized for ChromeOS

Secure and efficient contact centers

Providing round-the-clock support requires your contact center to be agile and efficient. With ChromeOS, you can improve agent productivity while protecting sensitive business and customer information. Plus, IT teams benefit with a stress-free device deployment and management experience.

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Modern kiosks and signage

When it comes to your kiosks and digital signage, a screen freeze or failure to load the right content costs your employees valuable time and deteriorates customer trust. The ChromeOS Kiosks and Signage Platform provides everything you need to modernize your solution — including devices, peripherals and apps.

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Is ChromeOS right for you?

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1Hochmuth, P., Huang, L. and Marden, M. (March 2023). The Business Value of ChromeOS. IDC.
2IDC Business Value Paper, sponsored by Google, The Business Value of ChromeOS, doc #49920522, March 2023)
3 https://services.google.com/fh/files/misc/chromeos-flex-environmental-impact-report.pdf.