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Built with your business in mind

Android Enterprise gives businesses the power to do more. Get a wide range of devices, and support powerful employee experiences with built-in and proactive security, easy device deployment, and policy management.

Available from Insight, Android Enterprise is the ideal solution for organizations looking to support mobility, improve operations and streamline processes.

Why Insight and Android Enterprise

Meet shifting technology trends and customer expectations with a an innovative mobility platform.

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End-to-end protection

Security features are built into Android from the ground up. Combine Google Play Protect with custom features to create a policy that meets your business and compliance requirements.

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Easy management and fast deployment

Android Enterprise offers multiple setup options, including zero touch, via QR code or using an enterprise Google account. Your IT teams and employees can choose the best setup for any scenario.

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Delightful employee experiences

Working on familiar devices — either on an employee-owned or corporate device — can make all the difference. Separated personal and work data and apps mean everyone gains peace of mind, too.

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Open platform with innovative devices

Choose the device that fits your exact needs and matches your employee preferences. Android devices are available from many manufacturers in different form factors and at multiple price points.

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Flexible setup and management options

You'll have the flexibility to manage your business’ devices, including the Android Enterprise Recommended program for standardized management and set-up experience. There are a range of provisioning options, including automated zero-touch enrollment, to deliver consistent and predictable deployments every time.

Gain control with features including:

  • Minimum password requirements
  • Remote lock and wipe
  • Over-the-air system updates
  • Separation of work and personal data
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The perfect devices for your teams

Support productive teams and satisfied customers with the right platform for the job. Android devices come in a wide range of options with features including sleek, ruggedized, water resistant and extended battery life.

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Zero-touch enrollment

Give your employees the power to hit the ground running on day one with zero-touch enrollment. Devices come secured and loaded with all your applications right out of the box. Plus, your IT teams can deploy any number of devices all at once.

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