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Powerful Protection: Windows 11 Unleashed

Secure by Design:

Windows 11, the epitome of security, integrates hardware and software for multi-layered protection. Backed by Microsoft's AI prowess, synthesising 65 trillion signals daily, it outpaces the evolving threat landscape.

End-to-End Security:

From Microsoft Azure to Windows 11 features, security is woven into the digital fabric. TPM 2.0, virtualization-based security, and more provide out-of-the-box protection, while real-time tools like Microsoft Defender shield against cyber threats.

Credential Protection:

Enhanced phishing safeguards, password-less sign-in, and Windows Hello redefine user authentication. Windows 11 secures data with BitLocker encryption, ensuring robust protection even on lost or stolen devices.

Comprehensive Overview:

Explore the Windows 11 Security site for a deep dive into its priorities and Zero Trust protection.  encryption, ensuring robust protection even on lost or stolen devices.

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Application Compatibility: Unleash the Full Potential

High Compatibility: Windows 11 boasts a staggering 99.7% compatibility with applications. Run legacy business apps seamlessly, backed by Microsoft's commitment to application compatibility and services. App Assure ensures a smooth migration journey.

Innovative Testing: Test Base for Microsoft 365 facilitates intelligent application testing globally, providing confidence in app functionality with pre-release Windows updates.

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Accessory and Peripheral Support: Inclusive Innovation

Versatility: Windows 11 embraces inclusivity, supporting a wide range of accessories and peripherals. Connect effortlessly, manage Bluetooth devices intuitively, and enjoy seamless compatibility with printers, smartphones, smart speakers, and more.

Premium Features: Premium Windows 11 devices support multiple 4K external monitors, offering unmatched flexibility. The Microsoft Accessory Center enhances the experience, letting you customize settings for optimal performance.

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Commercial and Enterprise Readiness: Powering Success

Proven Track Record: Windows powers over 1.4 billion devices globally, making it the go-to choice for commercial businesses. Its focus on security, application compatibility, productivity, and manageability set it apart.

Cloud Integration: Seamlessly integrate with the Microsoft cloud ecosystem for agility and efficiency. From Cloud ID to Cloud-PC, Windows 11 ensures a comprehensive and flexible solution for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid work scenarios.

Choice and Flexibility: Tailored Solutions for Every Business Device Diversity: Windows 11 offers the broadest selection of devices, catering to diverse business needs. Choose from a variety of form factors, silicon options, and OEMs, ensuring the right device for every user.

Flexibility: From 2-in-1s to powerful workstations, Windows 11 adapts to various scenarios. Fluid tablet experiences and intuitive interaction options enhance user experience and productivity.

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