Client story Belgian Pharmaceutical Company Optimises Cloud Spend with Insight

Belgian Pharmaceutical Company Optimises Cloud Spend with Insight

Story Snapshot

    A Belgian pharmaceutical research company was looking for a partner to optimise its AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure.

    Insight has provided: Analysis in alignment with AWS Well-Architected Framework, insights and action points to reduce cloud costs, and monitoring of cloud operations through monthly follow-ups and development of a FinOps function.

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Insight worked with caregivers in the locality to explore the potential of augmented reality and how it could enhance the services they provide in care home and domiciliary environments.


The Belgian pharmaceutical company was already working with Insight as a licence provider when they decided to seek advice on optimising their cloud activities.  Apart from a small share on Microsoft Azure, the organisation is most active on  AWS. Insight proposed an analysis of their environment to define some action points.

The main challenge was cost optimisation. This could be achieved by resizing workloads, cleaning up old resources and applying cloud cost models. The company was also interested in governance and security benefits.

“With the help of Insight, we have regained control of our cloud operations and costs.  We have appointed an internal consultant to look at processes in a more recurring way. The cost of Insight’s workshop paid for itself through all the savings we’ve made so far. We knew there were things to optimise, but didn’t know where the problems were located. Insight’s efforts go far beyond a standard report.”

Review from Belgian Pharmaceutical Company Professional 

Solution and Outcome

Insight provided a review of the client’s environment based on the  AWS Well-Architected Framework which describes design principles and best practices for running workloads in the cloud. An analysis usually starts with a kick-off meeting in which Insight ensures that both parties have the right stakeholders on board and key objectives are identified.  In this case, cost optimisation was the main focus alongside security  and resilience.

Insight’s experts ran tools and analysed information to answer some basic questions that showed how well the client’s infrastructure aligned with cloud architecture best practices. This discovery phase is followed by a series of workshops – collaborative interviews where more information is exchanged. A few weeks later, Insight presented the highlights in a report and drew up an action plan with the client.

In this case, the client was able to significantly reduce costs related to cloud operations. Insight helped them develop a FinOps capability by continuously monitoring spend, identifying areas of waste, and reducing unoptimised AWS costs through monthly follow-ups and ongoing cost optimisation services. They also managed to gain security and governance benefits by eliminating end-of-life tools and disabling redundant users through better access control.

After the assessment, the client regained control of their cloud infrastructure and extended the partnership with Insight.

Why Insight?

The client believes any company may benefit from an independent analysis, because an external partner will always find underexposed issues.

Insight acknowledges that managing cloud expenses is an ongoing process, not a one-time task. The assessment served as a foundation for developing continuous cost optimisation capabilities and procedures.

Additionally, as the pharmaceutical company focuses on growth, Insight gives them access to local experts today and the option to transform into a global client tomorrow.



technology empowers care providers, improving patient experience.


to reduce occupational therapy lead times by 8 weeks.


improves employee experience and helps attract new care givers to the profession.


can quickly alert registered nurses and clinicians to issues which may require attention.

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