Why work with Insight to achieve your transformation goals?

With established relationships with all key hardware, software and solution vendors, we can offer you a comprehensive range of technologies and public sector services to fit the ever evolving needs of modern public administration.

Reduce cost with Insight’s payment terms

The upfront cost of typical licenses that enable you to get the maximum discount is often prohibitive for the Public Sector, despite greatest value for the taxpayer’s pound being your first concern.​

Insight’s team of specialist licensing managers are aligned to your specific market, with a deep knowledge of both your needs as well as the developments in all the major vendors’ licensing.​ With this depth of understanding, they design bespoke and compliant payment arrangements that do not require third party inclusion so you are able to:

  • Amortise costs over the lifetime of the agreement and benefit from increased discounts.
  • Benefit from multi-year efficiencies without the full upfront expense often associated to gaining these discounts.


Let’s do big things together.

We’ll align your business with the right technology and solutions to modernise, compete and grow. Together, let’s accelerate tomorrow.

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