Palo Alto Network Firewalls

Access award-winning, user-friendly enterprise security with Palo Alto Networks® solutions, available from Insight.

A prevention-based approach

Palo Alto Networks firewalls leverage data and automation to safeguard applications, wherever they reside. Choose your deployment type:

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Physical appliance

Easy to implement, physical models are designed for smooth integration.

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Virtualized firewalls

Safeguard private and public cloud environments with the latest in threat detection.

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5G-ready firewalls

K-2 series firewalls meet the unique, innovative needs of mobile network deployments.

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A roadmap to better security

Palo Alto Networks WildFire® leverages industry-wide information to create a complete, up-to-date picture of the threat landscape. Deep analysis, machine learning and auto-delivered protection update every five minutes.

Advanced features operationalize that information to secure your entire organization, from endpoints to the cloud.

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Robust web protection

Now your users can browse the internet without incident. Palo Alto Networks URL Filtering blocks infected links and phishing pages with sophisticated analysis and machine learning. It’s always up to date, easy to use and built to simplify your security policies.

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Autofocus dashboard

Unlock the power of global threat data.

Palo Alto Networks AutoFocus is a modern platform for comprehensive cybersecurity intelligence. Fueled by a vast range of data sources, it delivers rich visibility. And, its flexible API framework and intuitive dashboard centralize all your intelligence efforts.

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