Make incident response automatic

Insight and IBM help you integrate and orchestrate every security effort across every part of your organization.

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IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform displayed on mock monitor screen

A single response platform

Managing security in complex technology environments can quickly drain time and resources. The IBM® Resilient Incident Response Platform® centralizes incident response. See and understand intelligence data, automate tasks and get real-time details of an attack.

Improve your security efforts.

By enabling guided response to security breaches, Resilient® can save many hours in your workweek. It allows all team members to focus on investigations.

Respond faster.

Automating basic steps in an investigation or using agile playbooks to orchestrate a response positions you to act quickly.

Enhance productivity.

Resilient integrates with security tools to increase and measure work activity, ensuring everyone is working on the right tasks.

Alleviate skills gaps.

The software triages tasks and allows teams to focus — reducing the risk of having to repeat steps or use multiple tools.

Streamline notifications.

Access to a vast knowledge base of regulations and response plans reduces the complexity of responding to privacy breaches.

IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform workflows displayed on laptop with male user

Create powerful security workflows.

Automatic incident response empowers your team to get in front of cyberattacks. Resilient provides intelligent orchestration that can help you tackle even the most complex threats. Integration with existing technologies optimizes the experience.

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IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform displayed on mock laptop

Dynamic playbooks

Agile workflows and prewritten response plans allow you to adjust responses to an attack based on intelligence. Just add artifacts to an incident to have them enriched with threat information.

You can automatically increase incident severity and notify teams of events. Walk IT teams through an action plan so they’re prepared to address threats when they occur.

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IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform dashboard display on screen with female user

Save time and remove complexity.

Privacy breach requirements are complex and constantly changing. Resilient provides always-updated response plans, with a knowledge base of the latest regulations.

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IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform GDPR displayed on laptop screen

Meet GDPR requirements.

It’s easy to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when you understand your regulatory obligations. The GDPR breach risk assessment tool allows for a better picture of your risk level and corrects your notification strategy, if necessary.

The Resilient Privacy Module guides you through the right response to data loss incidents. It smooths the way for meeting GDPR deadlines and offers a guide of best practices. And, the simulation tool allows your team to practice incident response under GDPR guidelines.