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Save with OMNIA Partners, formerly known as U.S. Communities.

Insight Public Sector is proud to offer our entire line of hardware, software and services to schools and districts nationwide under our OMNIA Partners contract for technology products and services.

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Skip the RFP process.

Take advantage of a more streamlined buying process for IT products and services, with no need for Requests for Proposals (RFPs) — shortening the time from search to purchase and use.

The OMNIA Partners contract is competitively solicited by Fairfax County, Virginia, meets most government agency piggybacking requirements and features Insight Public Sector's best overall government pricing — with no user fees.

250,000 IT products

Save on the technology products, services and solutions you need by leveraging the aggregated purchasing power of Insight Public Sector's OMNIA Partners contract.

We have 250,000 IT products, 18,000 software titles and lifecycle services that span from integration to disposal.

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Support for classroom modernization

Technology upgrades transform learning, teaching and communication. But moving to a modern infrastructure can put strain on operating budgets. The E-Rate program supports libraries and K-12 schools as they update their telecommunications and networking.

With significant discounts, public and non-profit schools and libraries can affordably foster innovative, internet-based learning experiences.


How to secure E-Rate funding

Once you’ve established your digital learning initiatives, you can receive discounts through the following process:

Step 1:
Competitive bidding

You file FCC Form 470 to request products and services, so service providers can submit bids.

Step 2:
Selecting a provider

You review each of the bids you receive and choose the most cost-effective option available.

Step 3:
Applying for discounts

You complete and submit FCC Form 471 to the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).

Step 4:
Application review

USAC checks your completed Form 471 and confirms that you’re ready to start receiving discounts.

Step 5:
Beginning services

You file FCC Form 486, and your chosen provider starts delivering services at the approved rate.

Step 6:

Either you or your service provider bills USAC for the discounted portion of your eligible service costs.

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