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Mobile solutions to deliver better patient care

Digital touchpoints are now a part of every clinical interaction — from knowing office wait times to receiving test results in real time. Seamless and pleasant experiences can be real differentiators, but between the hardware, software and IT infrastructure, it’s a lot to keep track of.

We’ll help you modernize your organization
with mobile technology to support:

  • Telehealth
  • Electronic health records (EHRs)
  • Online patient portals
  • Mobile devices
  • Customized health apps

Reduce your IT management burden.

As the complexity and IT footprint at your organization grow, the technical skills required and increased workload can overburden internal staff. Outsourcing your IT to a trusted and experienced team allows you to focus on what truly matters, while we handle everything else.

Mobile device management

Procure, configure, deploy and update your mobile devices with ease. Plus, we’ll integrate crucial security features.

Data management

Keep information across health offices accessible and organized with storage, backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Infrastructure management

Get the most out of your cloud environments and support optimal data center performance with IT managed services.

Doctor with headset giving a telehealth consultation on laptop device

Expanding access with telehealth

Telemedicine bridges the communication gap between bedside care and the rest of your facility. You’ll be able to extend your reach into rural areas and accommodate difficult schedules, making it possible to help those in need, from anywhere.

Remote healthcare also eliminates lobby wait times, lowers care costs and makes it easier to check in on patients, which can reduce readmission rates.

Mobile devices

Tablets and smartphones in healthcare have multiple uses — from ordering a bedside meal to scribing medical notes.

Statistics being shown on various devices


In the hands of a medical professional, smart devices become a Swiss Army knife, with the ability to review test results, access medical records and more.

Statistics being shown on laptop computer


Cloud-based apps give patients a way to keep care staff up to date on important information, such as pain level, medication schedules and diet.

Statistics being shown on tablet device


Wearable devices in healthcare allow users to remotely monitor vitals, including blood pressure, glucose levels and sleep.

HIPAA-compliant mobile solutions

Insight’s healthcare team has years of experience building HIPAA-compliant mobile health solutions that improve operational effectiveness. The proper protocols, permissions, software and hardware are all essential to safeguarding sensitive patient data.

We’ll help you build a secure environment that tracks mobile devices and accommodates clinicians who want to use their own technology for work.

You’ll be able to:

  • Transfer sensitive patient data.
  • Secure who has access to information.
  • Control identity and access through Azure® Active Directory®.
  • Incorporate single sign-on and multifactor authentication.

Patient with cell phone asking doctor with tablet a question

Wi-Fi and networking for hospitals

A strong, reliable and secure network is essential to powering devices at every clinic. In addition to doctors and staff, patients and guests add significant traffic to your network.

Our specialists will understand your needs, develop an end-to-end networking strategy and deploy a high-performance system so you won’t experience downtime, bandwidth issues or spotty connections.

Deliver modern healthcare.

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