Our managed IT services

Modern, tech-savvy employees want the freedom to work on their terms. That means automated, self-service and virtual support is no longer just a perk — it’s an expectation. Our managed workplace services help your business offer top-tier support while staying on budget.

Service desk

From self-service to live assistance, provide convenient end-user support options that resolve incidents fast, which can free IT resources to focus on critical tasks. Learn more

Tech hub

How are you supporting remote workers with advanced issues and device replacement? Get level 2 support that mirrors the office experience with Tech Hub. Learn more

IT lifecycle services

Procurement, deployment, maintenance and disposition services simplify asset management and optimize technology return on investment. Learn more

Device as a service

Bundling devices, lifecycle services and a predictable payment model offers a clear path to a modernized IT management ecosystem. Learn more

What “shift left” can do for you

“Shift left” empowers your organization to anticipate user needs with proactive resolutions. We’ll incorporate automation and self-service options that solve technical challenges sooner than traditional service models.

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  • Level -1

    Automated icon
    Automated, proactive & preventative self-heal
  • Level 0

    Instant help icon
    Instant & highly intelligent self-help
  • Level 1

    Assisted support icon
    Modern options for live assisted support
  • Level 2

    Coordinated support icon
    Escalated & coordinated on-site support
  • Level 3

    Complex services icon
    Orchestrated, complex & technical admin services
  • Level -1: Automated, proactive & preventative self-heal
  • Level 0: Instant & highly intelligent self-help
  • Level 1: Modern options for live assisted support
  • Level 2: Escalated & coordinated on-site support
  • Level 3: Orchestrated complex, technical admin services

The result: Elevated employee experiences and reduced ticket volumes, escalations and costs.

Is your company successfully shifting left?

Our managed IT services resource center provides information to help measure your progress. Through tailored content recommendations, we’ll help you dig deeper to identify optimization opportunities. Just answer one simple question to learn more about your current state.

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Driving consistent improvement

Technology moves fast, and change is inevitable. Our managed workplace services are designed to create future-ready workplaces. With Insight, you’ll get the advanced services needed to support a hybrid workforce and attract and retain top talent.

Begin your managed IT services journey.

Your free workplace services assessment puts our technical and strategic expertise to work by gauging your organizational effectiveness in three key areas: technology, end-user support and device management.

By the end of the assessment, you’ll gain full visibility into your IT environment with a:

  • Major findings report
  • Transformation roadmap
  • Implementation proposal

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