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Most traditional storage and backup resources are stretched to the limits — and it’s time to modernize. Whether you want to adopt the latest storage technologies, consider hybrid cloud options, align data protection capabilities with compliance requirements or bolster your data solutions in light of ransomware threats, we can help.

Data protection and security is not one, simple product conversation. Hybrid platforms make it necessary to take a comprehensive approach that encompasses governance and compliance, application security, data privacy and protection, cybersecurity, and more. We support you by testing, assessing requirements and implementing the right model for your business.

An effective approach to data protection solutions

The crowded vendor and technology ecosystem can make it difficult to define a best path forward. We help you cut through the noise and identify a roadmap based on your business objectives and industry challenges.

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Traditional backup architectures can no longer meet the demands of those moving to or already in the cloud (public, hybrid and multicloud).

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Hyperconverged backup offerings bring simplicity and native cloud integration to the market.

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Modernizing key infrastructure provides increased application security and availability.

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Archive data mobility creates opportunity for disaster recovery, analytics and dev/test in the cloud.

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Modern data protection simplifies and accelerates hybrid cloud adoption and consumption.

A Data Protection Assessment with our team gives you a clear picture of where your data protection environment stands today and what improvements would be worth investing in.

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Ransomware readiness

Your data is a valuable target for malicious actors. The top security threat today is ransomware, wherein a successful attacker captures sensitive data and holds it hostage until a set ransom is paid.

An effective data protection strategy, woven throughout your IT environment, is key to a quick recovery with minimal downtime. We can help you defend against ransomware by ensuring your backups are well protected and your disaster recovery infrastructure is prepared for modern demands.

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Protection across clouds

The majority of organizations today have at least some, if not most, of their data in cloud environments. Protecting cloud data at rest and in transit is critical, and much of the work is not automatically done by cloud providers.

Safeguard your business from outages and security events using effective backup systems and processes. We'll help you achieve the right levels of visibility, access and controls that ensure your business meets its compliance and recovery objectives.

Build your cloud data protection capabilities with these offerings:

Cloud Security Assessment

Get a strategic analysis of your cloud security posture, including your architecture, design, compliance needs, and a gap analysis of current state vs. desired state. Our team will then provide a prioritized overview of recommended remediation activities.

Cloud Security Assessment+

In addition to our comprehensive review of your cloud resources, we’ll develop a prioritized remediation strategy and build a roadmap that defines the timeline and tasks required to optimize your cloud security program. The result: improved visibility and seamless management using scalable and automated solutions.

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Boost your security.

We’ll help you strategize, implement and manage future-ready IT security solutions. Connect with our specialists and get started today.


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