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Applications that deliver speed, scale and success

Real-time data insights, immersive experiences, impressive scale — they are all important components to helping your business stay competitive. But aging tools and growing technical debt often block innovative projects from success. Insight can help you find the best path forward using a mix of cloud, AI and as-a-service platforms.

We'll help your organization combine user-centered design processes and Agile-based software delivery to create new applications that drive positive business outcomes.

Partnering with us helps you achieve agility and:

  • Drive alignment between IT, developers and the business.
  • Establish common goals, priorities and project milestones.
  • Leverage our extensive technical skills while expanding in-house knowledge that will add value to the business over time.

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Get value fast with your modern apps.

Innovating with your applications helps set industry leaders apart. Find the best path forward with support from Insight.

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The right engine for innovation

Cloud-based applications offer more opportunities to improve service levels, increase automation and streamline development. Get hands-on guidance to achieve application innovation using the right cloud platform. We provide end-to-end support — from choosing the right platform and migrating workloads to adopting platform engineering and beyond.

Our consulting and technical services help accelerate timelines and maximize positive outcomes across architectures, processes and infrastructure. And, we’ll ensure you have the right infrastructure in place to support your data environment and Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation.

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Our proven approach to application innovation

Many organizations are still using legacy technology and processes — leading to delays and an inability to meet requirements. When you partner with Insight, you get advanced expertise to transform your business for scalable and sustainable success.

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Define how the new application will meet user needs and solve specific challenges.

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Identify which projects and capabilities to prioritize based on value and return on investment.

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Develop a proof of concept or minimal viable product within your environment to confirm your approach.

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Deploy your application and begin iterating and optimizing functionality using behavioral data.

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Streamline management tasks and begin focusing on your next set of application capabilities and needs.

Reimagine your digital experiences.

Your digital tools can be so much more than a simple application. Our technologists, strategists and developers have expertise in aligning your solution to specific problems and needs using the latest technology and platforms.

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Open-Source Software (OSS)

Keep your applications portable, scalable and cloud-agnostic with OSS. We have more than two decades of OSS experience and can evaluate your business and architecture to determine the best OSS strategy.

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Web & mobile applications

Create smart, seamless experiences across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We optimize for ease of use and include emerging technologies to develop engaging solutions.

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Immersive technology

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) offer a world of possibilities for business transformation. We’ll help you provide unique and interactive experiences to customers and employees.

Let’s do big things together.

Innovating is the only way to stay relevant in today’s competitive market. Our unique approach and deep knowledge will help you solve your next big challenge.


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