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Free your apps with VMware Tanzu.

Modernize your applications and infrastructure to deliver better software continuously. VMware Tanzu® modernizes and frees your apps from infrastructure, letting them work independently and run anywhere. Tanzu enables developers to make the most of these cloud native patterns, automate the delivery of containerized workloads and proactively manage apps in production. Access the necessary capabilities for building, running and managing modern apps on any cloud.

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Application modernization for cloud computing

Application modernization refers to the process of migrating traditional applications to run in modern cloud environments, such as public, hybrid and private clouds. Application modernization helps software teams optimize existing apps rather than requiring them to rebuild critical apps from scratch.

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Cloud native application modernization containers

Containers are a cloud-centric method for packaging, deploying and operating applications and workloads. Big-picture benefits associated with containerization include greater scalability, portability and operational efficiency that’s well-suited for cloud infrastructure — especially multicloud and hybrid cloud environments.

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Application modernization and microservices

This isn’t so much a technology as an architectural choice. Instead of building and operating an application as a single, complete codebase — usually called a monolith or monolithic development — you decouple different components into smaller, discrete pieces that can be deployed, updated and operated independently.

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Application orchestration

Get more done with orchestration for your applications, workloads and tasks. Orchestration in software refers to the automation of many of the operational tasks you do day to day, including deployment, scaling and networking. Automation in general is an important principle and technology, as it’s increasingly necessary to ensure that development, operations and security teams can sustainably manage their modern apps at scale.

Three fundamentals of application modernization

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Move to a modern platform

Moving applications to modern infrastructures and platforms is a fundamental step in the modernization process. Take advantage of cloud native capabilities such as automatic restarts, declarative updates and cross-cluster management.

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Refactor around Microservices

Microservices enable developers to scale applications, add new features and address issues quicker than before, eliminating worry around business logic.

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Improve development processes

Successful modernization requires more than cloud infrastructure and microservices architectures; it requires modern software development processes and tooling as well.

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