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Streamline access management.

Managing permissions across your organization can be complex. One Identity access and identity management solutions, available from Insight, simplify access management by unifying all isolated sets of information across your organization.

These Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions eliminate complexities and time-consuming processes, including:

  • Governing identities
  • Managing privileged accounts
  • Controlling access

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Transformative identity governance

Get full visibility into your identities, data and privileged access with Quest identity governance identity management software. A unified governance foundation provides simplicity and affordability for management, auditing and compliance needs.

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Secure access management

By removing manual processes and inadequate native tools, One Identity optimizes secure access management for both users and groups. Simplify authentication, streamline hybrid Active Directory® management, improve password control and use One Identity to:

  • Automate account creation.
  • Assign and secure access.
  • Streamline ongoing administration.
  • Unify identities, passwords and directories.

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Privileged account management

Privledged accounts add another layer of complexity to your identity and access management protocols. Manage these accounts centrally, proactively and with individual accountability using One Identity access management software.

Quest account management solutions enable you to secure, control and audit privileged accounts by providing appropriate access. Use Quest’s end-to-end approach, covering everything from monitoring to governance to manage your privileged accounts.

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Make the move to Identity as a Service.

Create a digital transformation in your IAM protocols with an Identity as a Service solution from Quest. Using One Identity as your IAM solution can easily protect and support on-premise and cloud-based resources. You'll benefit from analytics and risk intelligence, two-factor authentication and more.

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