Poly P series

Command the conversation with the Poly Studio P series, a suite of solutions beautifully designed and engineered to tackle your most critical conversations. You'll take on every meeting with confidence with solutions that deliver advanced audio technology, optics and sensors.

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Poly Studio P5

Poly Studio P5

Upgrade your professional image with the Poly Studio P5 webcam and its exceptional camera optics for your meetings.

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Poly Studio P15

Poly Studio P15

With pristine clarity and rich sound, you're always camera-ready with the Poly Studio P15 personal video bar.

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Poly Studio X30 X50 on table

Studio X series

The radically simple Poly Studio X video bars take collaboration to a whole new level. These single, sleek, no-computer-needed devices let you experience full boardroom-quality audio when you connect and share content.

Now you can gather in smaller rooms comfortably and connect easily with whatever video collaboration software you use.

Poly Studio

Poly Studio

Created for huddle rooms and other small spaces, the Poly Studio USB video bar delivers enterprise-grade power in a cost-effective, user-friendly package.

Crisp audio and video

With tracking microphones, immersive sound and 4K video resolution, you’ll see and hear every participant’s contributions.

Distraction prevention

Automated Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock capabilities mute background noises, keeping you focused on the task at hand.

Streamlined deployment

The Studio integrates seamlessly with most cloud-based video platforms, and it’s built with plug-and-play functionality.

Poly integration solutions

Collaboration should be seamless in any scenario. That’s why Poly solutions work with your preferred tools.

Group teams meeting

Microsoft Teams

Poly Studio with Microsoft Teams helps you maximize your meetings, regardless of size. Choose from the x30 and x50 for smaller meeting spaces, or the Poly G-Series for larger conference rooms.

Zoom video meeting


Poly Studio Bundles for Zoom Rooms help improve meeting quality by combining the advanced features of Poly Studio — including NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence — with Zoom’s ease of use.