Woman on laptop using flip attached filter

3M Bright Screen Privacy Filter

Some privacy filters offer a dark and dull experience that makes it difficult to stay productive. Using 3M nanolouver technology, the 3M Bright Screen Privacy Filter provides best-in-class brightness, clarity and visuals alongside protection from outside viewers.

Your end users will simultaneously enjoy a premium visual experience and keep onscreen data private.

Woman on laptop using flip attached filter

3M COMPLY Flip Attach for Laptops

3M COMPLY Flip Attach for Laptops effortlessly attaches to your laptop and can withstand the rigors of daily use. These screens allow you to switch quickly between shielding and sharing your screen, thanks to a hinged design that simplifies collaborative work.

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Teammates working together using a laptop with gold filters

3M Gold Privacy Filters

Get world-class clarity and privacy with 3M Gold Privacy Filters. You’ll keep visual hackers at bay by blinding them to sensitive information with a vibrant gold shield that can be reversed to a glossy black — giving you options when it comes to protecting your screen.

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Woman using a laptop with 3M filter

3M High Clarity Privacy Filters

3M High Clarity Privacy Filters offer some of the highest clarity available on the market today. You’ll enjoy crisp, glossy images and high-contrast, high-resolution experiences while you work.

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Woman on laptop device with black privacy filter

3M Black Privacy Filters

Built sleekly to complement your thinnest devices, 3M Black Privacy Filters provide world-class black-out privacy from eyes outside a 60-degree viewing angle — while delivering an excellent straight-on viewing experience.

Black Privacy Filters can be reversed between a glossy side and a glare-reducing matte side, reducing reflections, hiding fingerprints and letting you enjoy pristine image clarity.

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Man working using a laptop and phone with anti glare

3M Anti-Glare Filters

3M Anti-Glare Filters diffuse glare and reduce reflections, so your screen is easier to see both indoors and outdoors. Compatible with most touchscreen displays, its matte surface cleans easily and hides fingerprints, keeping your screen blemish-free.

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