Supplier License and Use Terms

Please note this is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all the suppliers we’re approved to conduct business with.

Partner Link
8x8 8x8 Privacy Policy
8x8 Terms and Conditions
8x8 VoIP Business Phone Systems
Accela Accella Policies and Agreements
Arista Arista End User License Agreement
Arista Master Services Agreement
Assetworks Assetworks Master Service Agreement
Atlassian Atlassian Customer Agreement
Autodesk Autodesk End User Terms
Amazon Web Services | AWS AWS Customer Agreement
Azul Azul Software Agreement
Barracuda Barracuda Legal Terms and Conditions
Box Box Service Agreement
Broadcom Broadcom License and Service Terms & Repository
Cisco Cisco Software and Cloud Services Terms
Cloudcheckr CloudCheckr End User License Agreement
Cloud Software Group Cloud Software Group End User Agreement
Cloud Software Group Government Entity End User Agreement
Couchbase Commvault Master Terms and Conditions
Couchbase Couchbase End User Terms
CyberArk CyberArk EULA
DataRobot, Inc. DataRobot, Inc. Customer License Agreement
Dell Technologies Dell Offering Specific Terms
Digicert DigiCert Master Services Agreement
Docusign Docusign Privacy Policy
Docusign Terms and Conditions
Dynatrace Dynatrace Terms of Use - Customers
Ericsson Ericsson End User License Agreement
Fivetran Fivetran Master Subscription Agreement
Fivetran Terms of Service and Policies
GitLab GitLab Terms of Service
GoogleGoogleVoiceApigeeWorkspace Google Apigee
Public Sector general terms
Terms of Service for Apigee Products
Service terms
Techincal support service guidelines
Google AppSheet Public Sector Terms
Google Cloud Master Terms
Google Cloud Platform
Dev Domain
Google Maps Platform
GoogleG Suite
GoogleG Suite for Education

*You agree to pay for all orders, changes and/or increases in usage subsequently provisioned by you under your account. Additionally, you will be invoiced monthly for all calling rates, regulatory fees, and taxes (regardless of any tax exemption certificates).

Google Workspace (Online) Agreement
Google G Suite Special Terms and Conditions
Google Workspace Service Specific Terms

Google Workspace (Online) Agreement
Google G Suite Special Terms and Conditions
Google Workspace Service Specific Terms

Public Sector
Google Workspace (Online) Agreement
Google G Suite Special Terms and Conditions
Google Workspace Service Specific Terms
Google Workspace
Google Workspace (Online) Agreement
Google G Suite Special Terms and Conditions

Google G Suite Special Terms and Conditions


Google Workspace for Education Terms of Service

Public Sector
Google Cloud Master General Terms
Google Workspace Service Specific Terms
Hashicorp Hashicorp EULA (On-premise Products)
Hashicorp EULA (Cloud Products)
Hashicorp Product Terms
MedigateMedigate Medigate End User License Agreement
MicrosoftMicrosoft MicrosoftSupplemental Terms and Conditions Relating to Azure Billing
MongoDB MongoDB Cloud Subscription Agreement
MongoDB Customer Agreement (on prem)
Netwrix Netwrix Corporation Software License Agreement
NICE NICE CXone Standard Terms of Use
OKTA OKTA Master Subscription Agreement
OKTA Additional Terms
Ping Identity Corporation Ping Identity Subscription Agreement
Ping Identity Licensing Terms
Portworx by Pure Storage Portworx Products Terms of Use
Procore Procore Subscription and Services Agreement, the “SSA”
Proofpoint Proofpoint Customer Agreement
Rapid7 Rapid7 LLC End User License Agreement
Red Hat Red Hat: Enterprise Agreements and Appendices
Redis Redis Enterprise Software Subscription EULA
SalesForce SalesForce Master Subscription Agreement
Salesforce Supplemental Terms
SecureWorks SecureWorks Customer Relationship Agreement
Sprout Social Sprout Social Terms of Service
Siteimprove Siteimprove End User Subscription Agreement
Starburst Data, Inc. Starburst End User License Agreement
Tableau Tableau: Order Form Supplement for Tableau Online and Tableau Software
Tanium Tanium non-TaaS Software Products
Tanium TaaS Software Products
Tanium Appliances
Thales Thales Data Protection On Demand (DPoD) Terms of Service
UiPath UiPath Master Software and Services Agreement
Valimail Valimail Channel Terms of Service
VMware VMware General Terms
Webflow Webflow Master Subscription Agreement