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ThinkBook Series

Do the Unthinkable
Engineered to do it all - with Intel® Evo™ platform.

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Lenovo ThinkBook being used for design

Built for Business. Designed for you.

The Lenovo ThinkBook family is engineered to integrate seamlessly into your life. With industry-first innovation and user-centred design, ThinkBook is designed to help you do, deliver, and achieve the unthinkable.

  • Unthinkably Trusted with millions of Thinkbooks in market
  • Unthinkably Awarded with over 30+ awards at CES 2022 alone
  • Unthinkably Innovative with industry-first features
  • Unthinkably Sustainable through production process & AI management

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Lenovo ThinkBook with Windows 11 home screen

Go beyond the ordinary with Lenovo ThinkBook

What makes ThinkBook so unthinkable? A people-first approach to design, a focus on innovation, and a commitment to offering worry-free technology so that no matter your workstyle, the unthinkable becomes possible.

Packed with incredibly intelligent feautures, Lenovo ThinkBook was designed to help you do the unthinkable.

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Innovation that helps you Do The Unthinkable - Lenovo ThinkBook Portfolio Guide

Innovation that helps you
Do The Unthinkable

Download the ThinkBook Product Portfolio and discover the devices to help you accomplish your unthinkable.

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Lenovo ThinkBook 13x G2 IAP - 13.3"

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Lenovo ThinkBook 16p G4 IRH - 16"

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Lenovo ThinkBook 13x G2 IAP - 13.3"

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