Define, refine and validate your cloud strategy.

The cloud’s agility is changing the way we store data. But a lack of the right procedures or understanding can result in a disorderly cloud environment that doesn’t consider crucial data attributes — such as compliance, governance, availability, lifecycle and storage costs.

Whether you’re deploying or improving data storage in the cloud, our assessment will help you create effective data policies and procedures that drive IT efficiency. Use our tailored reports and recommendations to execute a simplified plan that meets your data and business needs.

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How we get results

In order to give you actionable and accurate insights, we investigate your people, processes and technology. This gives us a comprehensive understanding and allows us to take a consultative approach.


We’ll find orphaned and over- or underprovisioned data by measuring your storage environment with APTARE® IT Analytics.


Various metrics will inform which cloud platforms are best suited for your data based on your resource and cost requirements.


We’ll propose and outline plans for you to migrate and integrate with new solutions, as well as improve existing policies and assets.

Key insights to run your IT at its peak

Assessing your cloud storage and data management policies will determine how effectively your data environment serves the business. The results will help you align your data environment to your business objectives.

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A quantitative and qualitative review

A thorough examination is necessary to create a cloud storage strategy that supports both your day-to-day operations and compliance requirements. Our tools produce metrics that reveal the relationship between your cloud use, performance and impact on your applications.

To ensure our recommendations align with your objectives, we’ll assess how your business needs guide your IT. This evaluation considers many factors your storage solutions must support, such as application priority, legal parameters and regulatory requirements.

The results will answer:

  • How do I justify and compare on-premises storage spend with the cloud?
  • Am I efficiently using data storage in the cloud and in the data center?
  • How do I leverage the cloud for disaster recovery?

Improve your cloud data management.

Our Cloud Data Management Assessment is crucial to helping you build a cloud storage environment that supports your business.