Accelerate your performance

Intel® Optane memory gives you a faster, smoother, more responsive computing experience.

Increase system responsiveness.

With Intel Optane memory, you can improve your computing momentum — without adding more Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM). See the difference more efficient memory makes.

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Ramp up your workflow.

By learning and remembering the way you work, Intel Optane memory can fast-track the things that matter most to you — turning your unique computing habits into productivity advantages.

Combining 8th Gen Intel Core processors with Optane memory empowers workers. Deliver the high performance employees need to work more efficiently and spend less time in front of a computer screen.

Expand productivity, not spending.

The integration of memory and storage is key to maintaining a fast, flexible PC fleet. Intel Optane memory provides higher performance at a lower cost. Discover how you can optimize your IT resources while gaining speed and storage capacity.

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Revolutionize memory and storage.

Intel Optane technology is a unique combination of 3D XPoint memory media, Intel memory and storage controllers, Intel Interconnect IP and Intel software.

Together, these building blocks deliver a progressive leap forward in decreased latency and accelerated systems for workloads demanding large capacity and fast storage.