The office is where you are

Give your workforce access to secure apps and data on any device or network with Insight and Citrix.

A smarter way to operate

Citrix enables you to bring apps, desktops, data and services together on any network, fueling a secure, mobile work environment.


Turn your Windows® apps and desktops into a secure ecosystem designed for workers on the go.


Streamline workflows and reduce the cost of doing business. Citrix helps you simplify sharing.


Secure every application across the LAN, WAN and cloud without compromising on management.

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The future of work

Citrix® digital workspaces power safe, flexible activity. The solutions help you implement granular security controls for Software as a Service (SaaS) and internet apps. Through sophisticated user analysis and machine learning, you can protect both your data and intellectual property.

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Improve your network performance.

Maintaining and securing your users and data in a multicloud environment can be complex. Citrix networking products deliver reliable, consistent connections for all users, whether they’re at home or on the road. IT retains visibility and control while users experience uninterrupted access.

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Gain actionable insights.

Citrix helps you make use of the data you’ve been gathering and storing. Its machine learning approach to data analyzes all network traffic, users, files and endpoints. This helps you quickly see threats and take action to stop malicious behavior.

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Scalable service solutions

In today’s digital economy, IT innovation is a necessary component of business growth — and Citrix products are built with the future in mind. Insight supports Citrix Service Providers with agile, subscription-based options for hosted desktops, applications and file sharing.

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