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Introducing the Revolutionary Surface Pro

Unmatched Versatility and Intelligent Power

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Unleash industry-leading AI acceleration with the Surface Pro, unlocking powerful new features for smarter, faster, and more creative work, while safeguarding your business data. 


Unleash the Power of AI with the Surface Pro

Experience unbeatable performance with AI acceleration.

  • Maximise productivity with Snapdragon® X Elite and Plus processors.
  • Flexible, portable design for changing work styles.
  • Exceptional performance, all day, with ease.
  • Efficiency made easy with smart, secure features.

Surface Pro Flex Keyboard

Redefining connectivity for ultimate versatility. A new era of flexibility.

Surface Pro Flex Keyboard

Attached to the pro, it's the ultimate laptop setup.
Detached, it enables unrivalled flexibility for any workplace.

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Control the microphone with one tap using the microphone mute key.

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Copilot Key

Unlock new possibilities with the dedicated Copilot key, which provides instant access to experiences that enhance productivity.

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Snipping Key

The snipping key provides a quicker way to grab a screenshot.

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Surface Slim Pen

Securely stored and wirelessly charged on the keyboard, Surface Slim Pen is always ready to capture insights.

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All-day battery life

Experience more power and less downtime with up to 14 hours of video playback on a single charge.


Faster performance

Powered by Snapdragon ® X Elite and Plus processors for ultra-fast performance.


Cinematic display on-the-go

Immerse yourself in vivid colors with the optional OLED touchscreen and 1M:1 contrast ratio.


Industry-leading AI

Supercharge your productivity and creativity with 45 trillion operations per second.

Discover the unparalleled flexibility and power of the Surface Pro - the most advanced 2-in-1 device on the market. With AI-accelerated Copilot+ experiences and features that keep up with your busy lifestyle, the Surface Pro redefines what a laptop can be.

Tap into the full potential of AI to deliver exceptional performance for your organisation.  

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