A changing landscape

We are in an era of unprecedented economic uncertainty. Organisations of all types have seen the need to accelerate digital transformation to:


Enhance human


Accelerate productivity and efficiency


Ensure the highest security standards


Improve sustainability

Powering you to Do More with Less.

Organisations are being presented with the need to Do More with Less. This unique set of challenges can be addressed by harnessing the power of Microsoft’s cloud technology and Insight’s services.

How to improve your bottom-line with Microsoft 365 Continual Adoption

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Do More with Less with Azure

Save on infrastructure and energy costs, improve operational efficiency, and future-proof your business when you migrate to Azure.

Do More


Reinvest to accelerate growth

• Bringing new decision-making capabilities from data transformation to drive growth and tap untapped business potential

• Achieve 61% average revenue increase from data transformations and building a data driven business


Infrastructure that’s built to be dynamic

• Azure offers an agile infrastructure that can adjust, develop and grow with your business

• Up-skill your workforce to develop new applications, not manage infrastructure


Reliable infrastructure that performs

• Ensure platform performance and business resiliency for their most critical business applications

• Mitigate the $4.3M average cost of a security breach with built-in, enterprise grade security features

With Less


Optimise your cloud investments

• Optimise existing Azure workloads to ensure these are efficient and well-architected, saving up to 37% over 3 years with workloads on Azure.

• Remove infrastructure costs and improve operational efficiency with cloud automations and consistent management


Migrate to Azure and save

• Achieve up to 85% savings versus pay-as-you-go when migrating Windows & SQL Server licenses with Azure Hybrid Benefit

• Manage escalating data centre energy costs


Refocus your team & deliver more value

• Realise productivity gains, enabling your teams to work more efficiently, empowering them focus on delivering value

• Manage your on-premises, edge, and multi-cloud environments more efficiently with Azure Arc

“Insight helped us appreciate what was possible with Microsoft 365 and completely understood what we wanted to achieve. The tailored discovery workshop plus the technology and support from Insight has enabled our team to work collaboratively at a whole new level. Insight transformed our working environment.” IT Director, UK Real Estate Company

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Do more with less with Microsoft 365

Maximise the impact of Microsoft 365 solutions while simplifying licensing, management, and vendor landscapes.

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Be innovative to stay competitive

• Improve your employees productivity, and ability to innovate with easier collaboration

• Free up your team to spend more time with customers


Meet the needs of the modern worker

• Empower teams with the flexibility to work from anywhere

• Recruit and retain the best talent with technology that enables their best work


Enhance & simplify your security stack

• Protect the modern digital anywhere worker

• Lessen data breaches and protect; identities, devices apps and data

With Less


Simplify IT management
& licensing  

• Eliminate redundant solutions with seamless, native integration and single license

• Automate system updates & provisioning


Reduce your IT costs by
up to 40%

• Consolidate your requirements to a single supplier

• Simplifying your IT management, freeing up your team to focus on higher-value activities



Realise efficiencies & refocus on clients

• Reduce the time taken to manage devices management by up to 24%

• Enable your teams to refocus their time on customers


Cloud Transformation Outlook

Sponsored by Microsoft and conducted by Emerald Research Group, this research provides insights into how enterprise organizations around the world are managing their cloud Migration and Modernisation strategies and their outlook for how it is evolving over the next few years as they do more with less.

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Microsoft 365 Workshop for Mid-sized businesses

Insight are offering a free, interactive digital workshop to help you
understand the benefits of M365 and how to utilise your
license to adapt to ever-changing business needs.

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Getting the most from Microsoft 365 Workshop

Explore the features of your Microsoft 365 licenses
and how to collaborate effectively with
our interactive workshops.

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