Consolidate your data centre

Take an integrated approach with converged, hyperconverged and composable infrastructures from Insight and HPE.

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Transform to a hybrid infrastructure.

Managing cloud operations, big data initiatives and virtualisation with a limited budget can create roadblocks for a traditional data centre. Hewlett Packard Enterprise integrated systems allow you to manage it all in one place.

Integrated systems enable compute, storage, networking and software to be deployed as one system — versatile, scalable and rapidly deployable.

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Composable systems

HPE Synergy is the first platform designed exclusively for composable data center infrastructure. HPE Synergy enables you to dramatically cut costs and adapt to every type of workload with lightning speed.

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Converged systems

Optimise your data centre for virtualisation with HPE ConvergedSystem. Software-defined agility gives you flexibility and a low cost of ownership. Move swiftly, and deploy prevalidated and pretested configurations in just weeks.

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Hyperconverged systems

Combine software with an all-in-one virtualisation platform. HPE Hyper Converged solutions integrate compute, software-defined storage and software-defined intelligence into one system for maximum efficiency.

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BladeSystem solutions

High-demand workloads shouldn't increase the need to compute off-site. HPE BladeSystem offers power infrastructure that can handle the full scope of IT operations. Quickly deliver new applications, automate data center operations and decrease costs.

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Intelligent infrastructure management

Automate your data centre operations with HPE OneView — IT management software built to simplify operations and increase flexibility. See your entire infrastructure in one dashboard view, quickly respond to business needs and automate resource provisioning.

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