Deciding whether to move or not to the cloud is no easy task. In order to make an informed decision about this significant business undertaking, it is essential to conduct a thorough analysis of your requirements to help you build a business case, including defining project goals and assessing economic viability.

By using the Insight AWS Microsoft Workload Migration Assessment (OLA), organisations are able to remove many of the complexities associated with calculating the cost for an optimised cloud platform. Our assessment provides an accurate cost analysis of your requirements aligning with the options available, providing right-sizing cost models, optimised host options, licensing optimisation, RoI, and an analysis report to provide the next steps for your cloud migration project.

* AWS programme that empowers both new and existing clients to assess and optimise their on-premises and cloud environments.

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Is this service for you?

Our service is specifically designed to help clients who are considering migrating to public cloud as a strategy but are uncertain about the financial benefits that this could yield. In addition, our service assists organisations in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the advantages and RoI/TCO calculations before embarking on the process of building a business case and investing further.

Why Insight:

Insights Microsoft Workload Assessment (OLA) builds upon the years of Insights partner alignment with AWS and Microsoft ensuring that our solutions are tailored to your needs and help you leverage the benefits of AWS cloud services.

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