Do you want to migrate from Microsoft SQL to AWS Aurora with Babelfish, a new service that enables you to run SQL Server applications on Aurora PostgreSQL without changing the database code? If so, you need the AWS Database Modernisation Assessment service, a comprehensive and structured approach that helps you evaluate the impact and benefits of such a transition.

The AWS Database Modernisation Assessment service is an AWS-funded component of the Microsoft Modernisation Program, which also covers the migration from legacy .NET and Windows/IIS applications to .NET 6+/Core running on Linux, containers, or serverless technologies. The service utilises advanced AWS assessment tools, such as the Schema Conversion Tool and Babelfish Compass, to analyse your current database estate and provide detailed insights into the changes required to the database schema or source code to facilitate migration to AWS Aurora with Babelfish.

By using the AWS Database Modernisation Assessment service, you can benefit from:

  • A clear and actionable roadmap for migrating your database estate to AWS Aurora with Babelfish
  • A reduced risk of migration failures and unexpected costs
  • A faster and smoother migration process with minimal downtime and disruption
  • A modern and agile database platform that supports your business growth and innovation

Why Insight

At Insight, we understand that each organisation has a unique set of requirements for database modernisation. That's why we offer customised solutions that suit your needs and help you leverage the benefits of AWS cloud services. If you are interested in learning more about the Insight AWS Database Modernisation Assessment service, please contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.

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