Licensing services and solutions to maximise your software investment.

Bringing together our Software Asset Management, License Optimisation and Software Managed Services teams all under one banner to help you meet your tactical and strategic software challenges head on.

We'll help you through every stage of the software lifecycle.

We leverage the Insight SAM Framework (below) to support clients to manage software within their business. Our Insight SAM Framework enables clients to enhance their Software Asset Management maturity across Strategy, People, Process, Data and Technology.

The Insight SAM Framework diagram


Establish business demand

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Software library, contracts and procurement framework

Request & Procure

Request & Procure

Software request, availability check and procure

Install & Maintain

Install & Maintain

Software deployment, moves and changes

Manage and Report

Manage & Report

License reconciliation reporting



Software pooling, licence optimisation, rationalisation

Business professionals gather around woman with tablet to hear workflow ideas
Colleagues gathered around tablet device brainstorming workflow solutions

Managed SAM

Outsource your software lifecycle management operations to reduce costs, risks and improve business performance.

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Business woman presents strategy solution
Businesswoman ready to get contract signed in front of laptop computer

Optimisation Services

Create strategic long term savings and ROI as you look to true-up or renew critical software agreements.

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Business professionals negotiate and discuss investments
Negotiating prices for the right tools on tablet in warehouse


Reconcile your purchases with usage and deliver an Effective License Position (ELP) to support a true-up or renewal.

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Project manager looks over shoulder at man on desktop overseeing software integration
Two business professionals explore the new software solutions on laptop

Audit Support

Leverage Insight's expertise to minimise the impact of an audit by supporting you through this disruptive activity

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Serious businessman monitors usage of software on computer
Dedicated post lauch team analyses data on software usage

Change Consulting

Increase process maturity, maximise control and build governance over your software lifecycle processes and operations.

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Who can benefit from utilising our LCS Services?

All organisations who use software, starting from the medium-sized corporation to the very large global enterprise; from government and healthcare to retail and FMCG. Oracle, IBM, SAP and Microsoft are just some of the vendors whose products we can help you with.

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Why partner with Insight?

We have provided objective and vendor-independent license consulting and software asset management services for over a decade. We help thousands of clients worldwide, to make better use of their software investments. Our LCS global team includes industry-recognised experts in licensing, software asset management and software contracts. Supported by best in class technology and data accelerators such as our SAM tools and extensive benchmarking database, we are well-positioned to advise businesses on the best licensing strategies to support their transformation.

Our LCS team provides advice, support and guidance helping you to control and manage your software costs, eliminate wastage and inefficiency and ultimately help you to create the meaningful connection between software expenditure and maximised, realised business value.

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