Unlocking the value of edge technology

In our digital-first world, organisations are expanding their visibility through innovative solutions, such as Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

The intelligent edge uses on-premises computing to transform the data these tools collect into fast, meaningful information — delivering the guidance you need to make strategic adjustments, improve operations, enhance the customer experience and more.

Analytics increase responsiveness.

Edge computing describes any device that processes data on premises. Since edge technology doesn’t have to send information to the cloud to be analysed, you gain the ability to respond to business needs in real time.

You’ll be able to detect manufacturing defects before they reach consumers, pivot quickly to address market changes and react instantaneously to vulnerabilities.

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Efficient cloud usage

Bringing data closer to the source with the intelligent edge allows you to optimise your cloud use, ensuring only what’s necessary lives in the cloud. Not only does edge technology reduce your cloud storage expenses, but it also relies on computing solutions, whose costs are decreasing.

By leveraging cost-effective solutions to transform data into meaningful insights, the intelligent edge has the potential to create a substantial return on your investment.

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Edge technology for every industry

Our expert teams design, deploy and manage edge computing solutions that drive new business outcomes within any sector, including:

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Remote monitoring enables smart farming, waste reduction and sustainability.

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Remote access to solar panels and wind turbines accelerates data-driven actions.

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Tracking medical assets, facility temperatures and more improves quality of care.

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The intelligent edge optimises factory networks and drives plant efficiency.

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Smart inventory checks minimise error to improve customer experiences.

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Smart cities

Our platforms simplify lighting, waste management, safety and connectivity.

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Real-time data expands visibility into roadways, railways and mass transit.



Remote access and automation improve service quality, accuracy and speed.

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