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Save IT time and money

Using traditional deployment methods, IT professionals spend approximately 20% of their time each year imaging devices. With Windows Autopilot, they could cut imaging time from four hours to just minutes. That can add up to an 83% reduction in imaging related costs and give IT more time for value-added projects.1

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Simplified device deployment

Set up new and repurposed devices in a flash with Windows Autopilot. Save time and money by provisioning personalized apps, safeguards, and customized settings with quick and easy self-service capabilities. You can also remotely reset any enrolled device, and seamlessly repurpose existing ones from one employee to the next.

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Easily monitor & manage

Embrace the cloud at your own pace. Windows Autopilot simplifies your digital transformation with centralized cloud-based device management and fast device reset for your Windows 10 Pro devices. For Microsoft 365 users,2 Windows Autopilot helps maximize the value of their subscriptions, automatically updating so your people can stay current with the latest Windows version.

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Improve employee satisfaction

Support your teams with modern tools for modern times. Help your employees feel welcome and productive from day one. With Windows Autopilot self-service deployment, they can start working in just minutes using the cutting-edge technology they want. Plus, you'll free up your IT department to focus on more pressing issues.

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Not magic, but close

Reset, repurpose and recover your current Windows devices. Seamlessly set up and preconfigure new ones to boost productivity. Either way, Windows Autopilot helps save you time and money.

Get employee devices up and running faster than ever before

Windows Autopilot makes new employees feel empowered and welcome from day one by equipping their devices with the personalized applications they need to successfully do their jobs. It also helps you attract and retain top talent by delivering the cutting-edge technology they want.

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