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Veritas 360 Data Management, available from Insight, eliminates the complexity of monitoring your data across cloud environments.

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360 Data Management

Designed for the digital business

360 Data Management addresses every data challenge presented by modern digital businesses that use multicloud environments. Easily understand what data lives in your system and how it’s being used.

This solution helps you meet regulatory requirements, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and classification. And, it simplifies migrating data to or from various cloud systems. Automating your data storage and retention practices adds another layer of reliability, even in the most catastrophic disasters.

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Better visibility, better decisions

With Information Map, you can clearly picture your data and make informed decisions about whether to keep it or remove it. Advanced data visualisation makes for easy understanding of unstructured data, including whether it’s protected and how much storage it uses.

Understand and visualise up to 100 million items in only 24 hours. Add or manage connectors in just one click, and effortlessly explore metadata attributes and analyse your files.

A flexible approach to cloud data

Now you can control where you want to run your critical systems. Veritas simplifies transporting data to or from the cloud, reducing expenses, hassle and workload complexity. Eliminate concern about vendor lock-in and work with your cloud of choice.

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One tool to protect all data

Say goodbye to separate point tools. Veritas CloudPoint gives you one easy way to manage and secure your data, regardless of the cloud environment where it resides. It’s a flexible, snapshot-based data backup tool specifically built for organisations with multicloud operations.

Use one dashboard to understand your data across every cloud environment. You can also automate backup across all clouds and applications. And features such as granular search and classification and deletion help you narrow your decisions to the file level.

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Avoid cloud downtime.

Unplanned downtime can result in a cascade of negative impact. The Veritas Resiliency Platform delivers a multicloud disaster recovery solution that works across all cloud environments. Automate your resilience and migration for ease of use.

Real-time reporting from a single dashboard gives you visibility and tracking of Recovery Time Objectives. Prove your compliance with audit reporting, and easily move workloads between cloud environments in just a few clicks.

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Total retention management

Veritas Enterprise Vault improves the efficiency of your retention management practices. It’s easy to execute your business and regulatory information management needs with a centralised approach. Scale users and deploy on premises or in the cloud.

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