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    Microsoft SharePoint

    Streamlined scalability.

    Use Microsoft's SharePoint® platform, available from Insight, to share ideas and content, organising and managing files, and build and develop applications.

    SharePoint easily organises and manages all of your corporate information assets, no matter how big or small the task. You can also seamlessly coordinate and store documents for individuals.


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    Get on board with a world-class Intranet solution

    Our SharePoint services support organsations to enhance their emplyee engagement, collaboration and productivity. Our ready to go solution is perfect for organisations looking for a cost effective and quick to implement modern intranet solution.

    Find out how you can combine the IT services you need with the SharePoint features you want most.

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    Case Study: Westrac - Empowering Employees with a Modernised Intranet

    In order to drive up staff productivity, WesTrac sought for a cost effective intranet solution for its 3000 staff members across Australia. Importantly WesTrac wanted a solution that allows for simple system maintenance with a modern interface and engaging user experience. Insight implemented the a SharePoint based Intranet to provide a refined and robust user experience.

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    Take IT to the Next Level

    Exchanging ideas, co-authoring content and tracking progress of documents using version control all help to enable greater productivity and security within organisations.

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    Secure file-sharing programs

    Ensure unified policies are applied across every workload and every device. End users get the productivity they’ve been asking for. You get the cloud security and compliance requirements required to make it happen.

    Restrict document and email access to specific people. Prevent anyone else from viewing or editing the files — even if they're sent outside the organisation. And every file is searchable using enterprise-grade search capabilities.


    Case study: Decmil - Transforming a Culture with Modern Friction-Less Tools

    Decmil had a huge challenge for Insight: reinvent their business processes from the ground up. The central vision imagined a paperless future, which was dramatically streamlined and mobile across Decmil’s sites in many remote areas. This was achieved through a SharePoint based solution that has dramatically transformed Decmil’s way of working across their geographically-dispersed workforce.

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