Remove the risk of non-compliance and vendor audits from your clients

Ensuring that your customers are not just maintaining compliance, but actually driving down the cost of licensing is part of your obligation to them as a Service Provider. They have trusted you to deliver a service to them, and potentially you may even be managing some or all of their software estate for them. It is of paramount importance, therefore, that the advice you give them around software licensing, including the deployment and management of software is accurate, and maximises the investment they are making.


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Why do I need it?

As the Service Provider for your customer you have an obligation to ensure the licensing advice and or guidance you have provided to your client does not expose them to risk. Dependent on the contracts you have in place with your clients, this obligation may carry financial liability. It would be damaging to your business, if advice that you had given your client, on an infrastructure that you are managing, was actually non-compliant with the so ware vendor use rights.

Our LCS services can form part of your on-boarding process for a new client, so that you can understand in detail the license estate you are about to manage, and crucially make informed decisions on what licenses can be re-used in a hosting environment.

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What benefits can I expect?

We act as your trusted advisor and that of your clients, providing both you and your customer with the expertise and advice to reduce software risk and exposure within your organisations. With access to a specialist team of licensing experts who have been delivering multi-vendor services to our Service Provider clients since 2001.

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Choose Insight

Choose Insight if you want to remove the administrative burden of monthly SPLA reporting, if you want to be sure to be compliant, without under-billing your customers or overpaying for unused software, and if you want to avoid expensive post-audit settlements.

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