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See how Microsoft® HoloLens 2 empowers hands-on training and collaboration through an augmented reality headset.

Hololens 2 Industrial Edition

HoloLens 2 Industrial SKU was created by Microsoft with operational safety in mind to help keep your organisation eyes up and hands on the job with full situational awareness.  Customers can now use HoloLens 2 in restricted environments without modifying your space, protocols, or workflows. 

For example, in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries, customers require a device that meets particle emissions standards that can enter and operate in their highly controlled clean room environments. In the energy sector, customers need a device that can function safely in environments where ignitable concentrations of hazards exist under abnormal operation conditions. HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition is now available for pre-order. Reach out to your Account Manager to learn more.


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The future of work

HoloLens 2 delivers a breakthrough combination of hardware, mixed reality and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take your productivity into uncharted territory.

Microsoft HoloLens 2 in use in medical field


Untethered hardware and a large, high-resolution display give you the full picture of your surroundings.

Microsoft HoloLens 2 woman wearing headset


The headset is designed to provide optimum fit, minimal eye fatigue and consecutive hours of use.

Microsoft HoloLens 2 education in use


User-friendly voice and hand commands let you seamlessly interact with holograms in your environment.

Engineers using Microsoft Hololens 2 headset

Defy spatial limitations.

HoloLens 2 doesn’t just upgrade your immediate work environment — it also facilitates collaboration across locations. Dynamics 365® Remote Assist enables hands-free sharing of visual data, so you can solve problems quickly and collectively.

The app’s simple deployment, automatic updates and robust security provide an uninterrupted path to virtual collaboration. Plus, it’s compatible with the Microsoft apps you already use, including OneDrive®, Power BI® and Dynamics 365 for Field Service.

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Groundbreaking enterprise solutions

As a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner, Insight’s team creates mixed reality experiences that help our clients revolutionise how they tackle business challenges.

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Accelerate the adoption of mixed reality.

We help your team define business use cases, understand the HoloLens 2 technology and connect challenges to mixed reality solutions.

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Enable development and support learning.

Educating your team is key to maximizing the potential of mixed reality and HoloLens 2. Let us help you train employees with customizable courses.

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