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Poly is a trailblazer in solving the dilemma of work from anywhere  -  creating equity between those in the room and those who aren’t.  Whether in an office setting, a remote hub, or your home office, Poly communication solutions have got you covered.

Collaboration without limits

Polycom and Plantronics have combined forces as Poly to deliver a full suite of user-friendly solutions that increase productivity and enhance the customer experience.

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Poly headsets are beautifully designed tech that let you hear and be heard with incredible clarity, while tuning out distractions.

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Telephone and headset


Amplify your conversations on a Poly phone so every brilliant word is heard. Simple to use and operates with most telephony platforms. Poly audio devices, it all just comes together.

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Poly delivers video solutions with exceptional video and audio that gives everyone the opportunity to shine. On the platform of your choice.

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Headsets and Speakerphones

No matter your work environment or communication style, Poly headsets and speakerphones fuel clear, distraction-free conversations. Plus, management software and supplementary services make it simple to implement, integrate and update your hardware.

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Voice Solutions

With better audio quality, you’ll foster deeper connections with teammates and customers. Enterprise-grade, high-definition voice solutions from Poly ensure everyone hears each other clearly, making your calls more efficient and enjoyable.

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Video Solutions

Unlock the power of face-to-face collaboration across any distance. Poly videoconferencing solutions let you see every nuance, so you can tackle more projects remotely and reduce operational costs.

Poly Key Alliances

Alliance partners aren’t just nice to have—they are essential.  More and more, customers rely on alliance players to provide seamless communication and collaboration experiences.  Poly solutions drive the last, and most important, mile for customers delivering the richest and most complete set of communication solutions.



Work is now more flexible and fluid, and Poly’s Microsoft Teams certified solutions are at the forefront of hybrid working. We outfit you with pro-grade audio and video products that deliver amazing Microsoft Teams experiences – wherever you work.



Poly’s audio and video innovations make Zoom communications feel natural and work effortlessly. Poly has a wide portfolio of solutions with Zoom integration, from room video to conference phones—for huddles spaces up to large rooms—and from headsets to desk phones.

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