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6 Ways to Optimize Your Innovation Spend


Innovation is key to organizational growth, yet most companies shortchange innovation initiatives when it comes to budgeting. CIOs should consider asking vendors and partners to work with their own IT teams on developing innovative ideas into features or products as a joint investment. Jeff Shumway, CIO at Insight, has put this approach into action.

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Is Your Printer Your Weak Security Link?

by Business News Daily

Today, the printer may be the most vulnerable piece of equipment in the office; yet, it often gets less security attention or protection than other devices accessing the network. This can open a company to serious security problems, according to Jason Rader, national practice director of security services at Insight. "Given their storage capabilities, printers also contain enormous (and often sensitive) data, which includes every document that's been printed or sent via that printer," he said. In addition, because printers are connected to company emails, a hacker can gain access to the information and email it to him or herself.

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A Trial Run in Remote Work: Tips and Tricks From the Field

by InformationWeek

Insight CIO, Jeff Shumway comments on the work-from-home lifestyle, as our current situation offers a glimpse into the future of work. Much of the workforce has been thrust into a brave new world: working from home. Remote work comes with new hurdles, which may include reduced or more difficult access to IT support, as well as novel challenges to maintaining a schedule and productivity. This article shares a few tips and tricks remote workers can take to minimize technological disruptions and maintain their physical and mental health.

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How to Get More Value Out of Cloud Services


Without taking advantage of native cloud services, performance optimization and automation capabilities for enterprise systems are limited. In this eWEEK article, Scott Cameron, principal architect Insight C+DCT, outlines steps that organizations can take to minimize cloud overhead, optimize cloud management and make the most of their cloud journey.

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Podcast: How IT Can Enable A Remote Workforce

by IPSwitch

Hear Insight national director of network and cloud security, Jason Rader on the Defrag This, a podcast for conversations on IT security and the remote workforce. Some of us embrace the work from home culture, while others dread it. But there is a lot IT can do to minimize issues and distractions from a WFH culture. We’ve all rapidly expanded remote work capabilities as a matter of necessity. But what security considerations may have been overlooked? Rader discusses remote work security issues and how IT can continue to mature its approach.

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