Enabling the Digital-first government of 2022

To achieve digital reform within the government requires modernisation of your platforms with the right security and governance controls in place to protect your data. Promoting cross agency collaboration and innovation is often a requirement to effectively adhere to changing government legislation and new initiatives.

With the ongoing pressure to better serve the public today, it requires a complex combination of technology solutions to more effectively run and transform your business of Government. Whether you’re a large agency or a small municipal office, we can support you.

Transforming the Business of State Government

Digital transformation for state governments reimagines the entire process putting citizens at the centre by using technology to facilitate the direct need of the citizen.

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Achieve your Agency outcomes 

With deep expertise and end-to-end capabilities, Insight is here to help you prepare for what’s next. We’ll work to understand where you currently are and create a strategy that continues your digital evolution.


Cybersecure Trusted Platforms

Exit datacentres and transition to a highly secure extensible public cloud. Ensure data privacy and governance protocols are met and maintained.


Cross Agency

Streamline inter and intra agency information and collaboration. Create process efficiencies, improve service and maintain security and integrity of data.



Better connect and engage with citizens digitally to improve community satisfaction and support legislative obligations and government initiatives.


Modern Government

Support your digital workforce with frictionless collaboration and productivity tools, with best-practice governance and security measures.

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Getting more out of your data

Visual and easy-to-use dashboards minimise the barriers between your data and taking action. We’ll help you better visualise your business KPI performance, single view of employees, and/or measure digital citizen engagement with custom reports, charts and graphs.

A cloud-based, mobile-friendly analytics platform gives your entire organisation access to self-serve insights so they can move with confidence, speed and efficiency.

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Connected Platform for Detection and Prevention

Insight’s Connected Platform for Detection and Prevention helps detect for symptoms and prevent the spread of disease. We combine data, AI and IoT-enabled sensors — like thermal cameras — to help you see how a return to business could be possible.

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Our business of Government accelerators

We have the technical and advisory expertise to help you transform your business of government with a range of modern platform solutions that are secure, cloud-based, user-centric and data-driven. Our specialists can speak to you about use-cases for:

  • Field Worker optimisation
  • Case Management
  • Application & Permit Lifecycle Management
  • Digital Payment Processing & Record Integrity
  • Digital Workforce rostering
  • Stakeholder Management & Correspondence systems
  • Security & Privacy Management  

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Cybersecure Trusted Infrastructure solutions

No matter the current state of your infrastructure, Insight is the partner to help you modernise your IT to achieve critical outcomes of consolidation, innovation and optimisation. 



Our comprehensive IT assessments provide actionable results to help you consolidate legacy IT and develop ongoing IT governance.



Our comprehensive IT assessments provide actionable results to help you consolidate legacy IT and develop ongoing IT governance.



We provide ongoing monitoring and management services to ensure your data is protected and your IT runs at peak efficiency