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With the IBM Guardium platform, you’ll gain:

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Deep insights

Centralized visibility and intelligent analytics simplify your routine security and compliance processes.

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Powerful protection

Advanced analytics help you discover and classify sensitive data for simplified monitoring and auditing.

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Robust encryption

Centrally managed encryption supports compliance protocols and protects data across your organization.

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Prepare for what’s out there.

IBM Security Gurardium Data Risk Manager allows organizations to identify and prevent risks to their most important data. When you can analyze potential risks, visualize possible exposure and identify important information, your data stays protected.

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Why Insight Public Sector?

Our team of experts is ready to help you plan, deploy and manage the technology you need to keep your organization running. We’re proud to serve as a true end-to-end partner to guide your data security transformation.

Transform your data protection.

Together, Insight Public Sector and IBM foster a cybersecurity ecosystem that safeguards your organization from evolving threats.

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