Build a future campus, today

Students of today – and your future alumni – are more digitally savvy than ever before. Every touchpoint impacts your students’ retention rate. Intelligent tools to empower your staff to deliver interactive engagement and operate your institution in real-time, is no longer a ‘nice to have’.

Our Higher Education solutions embed technology into your campus operations and deliver innovative ways to engage — so you can stay ahead in providing the ultimate student experience at every touchpoint.

We understand your business

Our experts draw from deep local knowledge to deliver winning solutions. We’ve partnered with Australia’s leading universities to solve some of their most complex challenges. Read the scenarios below to see how we’ve helped our clients.

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    Client: University of Western Australia

    This client’s goal is to ensure it can attract and retain the best students from around the world by transforming its student experience and increasing efficiency in student admissions.

    Through integrating a unified platform for student experience management, recruitment support tools, re-architecting the website and student admissions process, we have helped automate experience and empowered contextual marketing to better attract future students.

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    Client: A leading Sydney university

    This client was interested in freeing its staff from the administrative burden of high volume, simple queries from other internal departments.

    Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, we implemented a natural-language chatbot to handle purchase orders, invoices and supplier-related queries for the finance department.

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    Client: A leading Sydney university

    This client was interested in exploring new ways to service over 44,000 students whilst driving operational efficiencies.

    Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, we implemented a natural-language chatbot to handle a range of tier-0 student inquiries to enable student self-service and reduce volumes on the student administration team.

The right solutions to your challenges

Whether you’re looking to improve engagement or increase your operational efficiency, we can help.

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Intelligent Student Engagement

Rethink how to connect and personalise experience with student management systems, conversational agents and personalised apps.

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Effective Academic &
Staff Tools

Maximise your educator and researcher effectiveness with intuitive business apps, integrated platforms and structured collaboration.

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Digital Process

Streamline processes across your departments and campuses by integrating your business systems and activating the channels you use every day to make working or study life more productive.

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Smart Spaces & Advanced Analytics

Capture the right data and leverage AI and IoT to obtain real-time and predictive insights to meet immediate and future campus needs.

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Flexibility to accommodate any environment

We know your institution require unique innovative solutions and insights. We custom-design each solution to meet your highest priorities. We can integrate a variety of systems, platforms and APIs to give you the right data.

With long-term use, adoption and adaptability in mind, we incorporate mobility, security and identity management into your workforce applications to protect your investment.


Looking to improve your Digital Student Journey?

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