Insight Integration and Distribution Center

Integration technician configure notebook computers at Insight Integration Lab

Optimize your device investment.

Need to select devices for your employees? We’ll help you explore your options. Ready to roll out an officewide update? Our integration services configure assets to your specifications, from staging to imaging, configuration and beyond.

We specialize in every moving part of your device predeployment, so you don’t have to. Our labs will preconfigure IT assets based on your exact needs, including warehousing, asset tagging, kitting, custom imaging and more, setting you up for a successful deployment.

Manage technology deployement

Get to work faster.

Deciding what technology is right for your business depends on detailed information. We offer the knowledge and expertise to help you pick the right devices and efficiently set them up.

Preconfiguration and quality assurance testing get your business up and running in no time. And if you require support when the assets arrive on site, our managed deployment services can be tailored to your unique business and end-user needs.

Business professional using smart phone while at notebook computer

Lower costs. Troubleshoot quickly.

Making the most of your working IT assets drives down maintenance and new purchase costs. Our asset centralization program frees you to focus on your business without spending time and money.

Our solution lets you centralize and properly maintain assets, improving user satisfaction with timely, hassle-free device repair and replacement.

Desktop and laptop computers on integration lab bench to be updated

A lab environment you can trust

With a centralized, secure and vendor-neutral environment, our labs:

  • Ensure a 99% accuracy rate
  • Test every device for quality assurance
  • Are ISO 9001:2015-certified
Business professionals using multiple mobile devices to have a meeting

Empower your workforce.

Enabling end users is now a core initiative for business. Our dedicated lab specialists help you focus less on the distribution and configuration of mass amounts of devices — and more on the people using them.

Strategic skill sets that help you succeed

With a least-cost-touch methodology, we help you decrease expenses and expedite your order — no matter what your deployment goals are.

Surface Pro 4 with company logo etching on the back case of device

Device customization

We'll host client image servers for custom deployment, etch tablet devices for security or branding, and tailor assets to specific business needs.

Business professional using notebook computer

High volumes of assets

We can reduce dead-on-arrival units and on-site setup time. Whether you need one device or 1,000, we process assets with accuracy and velocity.

Close up of hands using tablet computer

Stronger security

We equip your assets with robust firmware, powerful encryption and remote management, ensuring your sensitive data is always protected.

IT technician leading team in a conversation during meeting

Get help beyond deployment.

With expertise around the entire IT lifecycle, we won’t leave your side even after the rollout. Use disposition and remarketing services to ensure your assets are taken care of, from start to finish.

We enable innovation.

State-of-the-art integration services, imaging labs and technicians in the field allowed this large beverage company to focus on what matters: growing its business.

Optimize your device investment.

Find out how we can help you deploy your assets with faster speed and higher accuracy than ever before.

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