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Improve performance and reliability

Together, Insight and Kingston offer your number one connection for high-performance solutions for memory drives, memory storage and wireless storage.

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Why choose Kingston?

Kingston recognizes the important role memory plays in computing productivity and takes steps to guarantee reliable memory products.



Solutions for system-specific, ValueRAM® and HyperX® memory



Powerful solid-state drives (SSDs), Data Traveler® USB drives, and flash and SD cards


Wireless readers

Extra storage and a battery charger — all in one

Reliable memory for your server

Selecting the right memory for your server is as important as choosing the right manufacturer. Kingston server memory is designed to be ultra-reliable and reduce your total cost of ownership. Purchase it by brand or by specification to get the exact RAM you need.

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Extending the life of older systems

Kingston SSDs will not only increase performance and make data more secure but they can also be used to extend the life of older systems and enable an organization to delay a PC refresh and potentially save thousands of dollars.

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