What can Azure AI do for you?


80% reduction
in manual work1


150% increase
in work output2


Return on Investment
(ROI) of 284%3

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Decode GenAI

It’s more than a buzzword, generative AI is infiltrating almost every aspect of business. But the question remains, where do we start? Expand your generative AI knowledge and expertise with Insight’s Microsoft Azure OpenAI workshop where experts will discuss responsible implementation and governance.

Insight's expertise is rooted in our experience as client zero.

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Migrate with confidence.

Simplify and accelerate your journey to the cloud with the Azure Migration and Modernization program (AMM). Our AMM program allows you to:

  • Meet your business needs with a proven approach.
  • Optimize costs and drive sustainable outcomes.
  • Move confidently to the cloud with expert help.
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Security solutions that work for you.

Join an Insight Microsoft expert in a one-on-one envisioning session to find out how Microsoft Security solutions can help you. We’ll help you identify risks and develop a custom strategy to protect your digital assets.

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1 Forrester. (April 2020). The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Azure AI.
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