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Generative AI Client Zero: Insight Boosts Productivity to Better Serve Clients

When generative AI capabilities hit a new high, Insight started strategizing on how it could leverage the technology for the benefit of employees and clients.

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Microsoft Security Envisioning Session

Join an Insight Microsoft expert in a one-on-one Envisioning session to find out how Microsoft Security solutions can help you. We’ll help you identify risks and develop a custom strategy to protect your digital assets.

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Azure AI can enable the following:


80% reduction
in manual work1


150% increase
in work output2


Return On Investment
(ROI) of 284%3

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Azure OpenAI Immersion Workshop

Every organization wants to take advantage of generative AI. On top of exploring potential OpenAI® uses cases for yours, this Insight offering puts you on a path to:

  • See why responsible AI is necessary.
  • Put proper AI governance in place.
  • Identify actionable next steps.
  • Realize your specific goals.

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AI Vision Accelerator

Launch a custom AI pilot to automate manual processes to detect potentially hazardous objects calling for greater safety and efficiency. With this engagement, let Insight:

  • Define stakeholder issues.
  • Prioritize use cases for your roadmap.
  • Put together an AI plan of execution.
  • Demonstrate the business value of AI.

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The latest on Microsoft and AI from Insight

Get updates on future Microsoft events and news on AI.

6 key Microsoft principles for responsible AI

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Microsoft puts checks and balances in place to ensure its AI systems treat all people equitably.

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Reliability & safety

Microsoft properly monitors, tracks and validates its AI systems so they perform up to expectations.

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Privacy & security

Microsoft places data protection front and centre at the top of its priority list, developing AI systems.

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Microsoft develops models with the aim of empowering everyone to take advantage of its AI systems.

transparency logo


Microsoft strives to make the characteristics and limitations of its individual AI systems clear and public.

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Microsoft holds those involved in the roll-out of an AI system responsible for its action and decisions.

Enter the era of AI.

The Microsoft cloud runs on trust. Run your cloud on Microsoft AI infrastructure, available from Insight.

1 Forrester. (April 2020). The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Azure AI.
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